There was an error in the script for the new bylaws that did not reflect the Revised Bylaws that were included in the AGM package. The AGM package overrides the script as published documents for the AGM. The difference is that there is the ability for more than one Director at Large – Bylaw reads:

6.2 Number of Directors. The following persons shall be directors of the Association:

  1. a) the Chair
  2. b) the First Vice-Chair
  3. c) the Second Vice-Chair
  4. d) the Treasurer
  5. e) the Chair of the Growers Committee
  6. f) the Chair of the Garden Centre Committee
  7. g) the Chair of the Landscape Professionals Committee
  8. h) the Past Chair, and
  9. i) the Director(s) at Large.

This means that the Board could expand without changes to the bylaws for Directors at Large as long as the Directors are voted in at an AGM. the 2023-2024 will be published on the website.

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