The landscape horticulture industry has many career options to enable people to enter the industry at any time in their life, with full-time, part-time, self-study and workshop choices to suit your life.

Certification is a term that is used commonly for the Landscape Industry Certified program, however the term ‘Certification’ also covers nursery programs to maximize clean and efficient production methods.

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BCLNA Workshops and Seminars

The BCLNA offers workshops and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to our members.  For the most current list of workshops, review the events on the calendar to the right, or go to the Workshops and Seminars page.

Horticultural Training in the Classroom Setting

Educational institutions in the province of BC provide short and medium term learning opportunities.  For opportunities in your area, check out the list of Schools that provide horticultural training.

Certification Programs for Nurseries

‘Clean Plants’ Certification

The ornamental nursery industry developed and implemented its own phytosanitary nursery certification program, called ‘Clean Plants’ in 2009, to enable growers to check for critical control points for pests and diseases in their nursery.  For more information go to the Clean Plants Website.

Canadian Nursery Certification Program (CNCP)

The Canadian Food  Inspection Agency program for export nurseries enables them to quickly ship product, without needing inspections at the time of shipment.  This program is comprehensive,  requiring dedication and several CFIA inspections every year.  For details about this program click here.

'Landscape Industry Certified' Program

This program enables people who work full time to learn and increase their levels of competence.  This program is suitable for people who are new to the industry and/or already working in the industry, who want to build their skill set for current work, to increase their levels of responsibility and raise professional standards.

This internationally accredited program is made available through the National Association of Landscape Professionals and is based on a self-study model with written exams provided on a schedule and practical exams which take place bi-annually at  KPU School of Horticulture in Langley BC.  There are 5 Designations available:

  • Landscape Technician
  • Retail Horticulturist
  • Landscape Designer
  • Landscape Manager
  • Nursery Technician

The components of the program are tailored to each specific sector, with core topics common to all sectors.  For further information about the program, study materials or test dates, contact:

Tel: 1 (888) 446-3499 ext. 8650  E-Mail: [email protected] or visit CNLA.  Finning Logo

Landscape Horticulture Apprenticeship

Landscape Horticulture is a Red Seal Trade!

Since 2012, Landscape Horticulture has been designated as a Red Seal Trade, enabling people to travel across Canada to work, using their Red Seal as a prequalification to find work.  Apprenticeship requires 6 weeks of in-school training per year for 4 years, along with a set number of hours worked in the industry to reach journeyman status.  The Red Seal exam is then written to attain the certified status. is an affiliate of the BCLNA which assists and enables potential and current apprentices and their employers to go through the apprenticeship and Red Seal training and accreditation process.

For Apprenticeship and Red Seal accreditation information in BC, contact:

Bill Hardy,

Office/Cell: 604-430-0422   E-mail: [email protected]