Victor Kulla

1st Vice Chair

Michelle McEachern

2nd Vice Chair

Robert Wein Jr

Grower Committee Chair

Chris Draaistra

Landscape Professionals Committee Chair

Jason Carton

Director at Large

Heike Stippler

CNLA Director, BC Representative | Past Chair

Staff & Contractors

Coreen Rodger Berrisford

Executive Director

Seshley Kumar

Member Services Coordinator (Part Time)

Hannah Nicolle

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Angie Chamaa

Program Coordinator

Tina Wang

Office Administrator (Part Time)

Brandon Birk

Administration and Communications Assistant

Doris Mars

Financial Officer (Part Time)

TerraLink Horticulture Inc.

Wholesale manufacturer and supplier of fertilizer, seed, growing media, amendments, pesticides, equipment and supplies for nurseries, greenhouses, landscapers and garden centres.


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Phone: (604) 864-9044
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Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd.


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