Paula Baxter

1st Vice Chair

Michelle McEachern

2nd Vice Chair

Robbie Wein

Growers Chair

Chris Draaistra

Landscape Chair

Heike Stippler

BCLNA Representative - CNLA Board, Past Chair

Staff & Contractors

Virpi Kangas

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie (Fanny) St. Hilaire

Landscape Sector Coordinator

Coreen Rodger Berrisford

Growers Sector Coordinator

Jackie Morra

Retail Sector Coordinator and Event Planner

Seshley Kumar

Administration and Member Services Coordinator

Heather McBride

Administration and Member Services Coordinator

Tina Wang

Administration and Member Services Assistant

Jayde Hiemstra (Reuser)

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Hannah Nicolle

Digital Content Coordinator

Doris Mars

Financial Officer

Hedy Dyck