Specimen Trees Wholesale Nurseries has been a member of the BCLNA for over 30 years.  As contributing members to the BCLNA both financially and personally via participation in certification, meetings, seminars, focus groups and other events, we are able to stay informed of industry issues and keep in touch with our peers and clients.  We look forward to continuing to lead the industry with quality products and exemplary service tied tightly to our allegiance to fair trade practices and standards set forth by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association.

Sharon Johnsen Howkins

We believe it’s important to work with and support the work of the BCLNA because they’ve been a great advocate for the industry, especially when it comes to helping navigate government regulations.

Dave Van Belle

I enjoy the BCLNA membership for the great networking and relationships that developed over time. Exchanging thoughts and experiences or just casually hanging out for some fun with peers who think alike is so valuable and often refreshes my own thoughts and actions.

More accountable benefits include discounts for vehicles, equipment, insurance to name just a few. This has really made a huge difference and paid of the membership fees easily.

It’s great to be part of an organization that has more ability to lobby for our industry than I could by myself. It helps me present my company as more professional. Staying up to date with industry development is invaluable and the more you get involved the more you can learn.

Heike Stippler

Art’s Nursery has been a long time member for BCLNA.  It is a great resource to help maintain relationships and build new ones within the industry.  The CanWest Show, Auction, along with the meetings and special courses they offer help me and my staff stay connected and up to date on industry related issues.

Rebecca van der Zalm

As business owners, we rely so much on ourselves in making our major decisions and the thousands of small daily decisions. Participating in BCLNA activities has provided me with great support from other members and the BCLNA staff.  Beyond the tangible member benefits, it is very rewarding to be part of a positive and proactive collaborative environment.

Laurel Polkosnik