Working in smoky conditions

WorkSafeBC is reminding employers and workers that working in smoky conditions can be dangerous. Employers must eliminate or minimize smoke exposure for all workers.

Financial assistance for displaced temporary foreign workers    

MOSAIC, a Vancouver-based settlement agency who received federal funding to support temporary foreign workers, has been assisting local support groups in ensuring workers have food and support while displaced.

MOSAIC also has a small emergency fund to assist workers who have been displaced.  Types of expenses that MOSAIC can help with include:

  • Accommodation costs while evacuated
  • Additional accommodation costs due to travel restrictions (not being able to get to the farm or return home)
  • Extra travel costs due to fire related closures
  • Food and incidental costs while evacuated

If you or a worker would like to submit a claim, please contact Hugo Velazquez directly by email: [email protected]

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