Caroline Bedard of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food shared these recent label expansions via the minor use program:

  1. User Requested Minor Use Label Expansion for the Use of Maxcel Plant Growth Regulator (6-benzylaminopurine), PCP# 28851, to increase lateral bud break and branching of apple nursery stock
  2. Use of Microthiol Disperss (Sulphur), Reg. No. 29487, for the Control of various Mites and the Suppression/Control of Powdery Mildew on Various GH & Field crops
  3. Label Expansion for the Use of Sandea WG Herbicide (halosulfuron-methyl), Reg. No. 31209, for the control and/or suppression of labelled weeds in caneberries (Crop Subgroup 13-07A) in BC

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