Earn $40 to complete an online survey about agricultural plastics management. The survey will help the industry understand current behaviours and attitudes farmers have toward agricultural plastic and measure participation in pilots and potential projects. The confidential survey is being conducted on behalf of Clean Farms – a non-profit industry stewardship organization that manages programs that collect non-organic farm waste (mainly ag plastics) for recycling and safe disposal. See their website HERE. The Fraser Valley Regional District encourages you to participate to ensure our region’s voices are represented.

The survey will take about 20-25 minutes to complete. To qualify for this survey, you must be one of the main decision makers regarding what to do with ag plastics, once used. For those who qualify (based on a few short questions at the start) and complete the survey, an honorarium of $40 will be provided. Please note that once the targeted sample size has been reached, the survey will be closed and no further responses will be accepted. Your responses will be held in complete confidence by Stratus Ag research and used for research purposes only. Results will be grouped for analysis, and no identifying information will be attached to any responses. Only fill in the survey one time. With all the pressure on plastics reduction, it will be important to bring our Nursery perspective to the table.


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