CFIA will be intensifying their requirements for supporting documentation for verification of plant of origin attestation. There has been no change in the requirement itself; however, exporters will, starting in 2024, need to have readily accessible plant histories back to 2013. There are two categories for Plants from Canada – either exclusively grown in Canada or plants grown from seed in Canada, and Plants considered to originate from Canada when imported into Canada and extended for export as Canadian origin. To meet this requirement, they must:

  • Be imported into the US directly from Canada after at least 1 year of cultivation in Canada.
  • Have never been cultivated in countries marked with Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis (NAPPRA) status.
  • Have no growth in countries subject to restrictions listed in the Plants for Planting Manual/ACIR.
  • Be exported from Canada after any post-entry quarantine in the US. If needed, they can be equivalent quarantine conditions during growth (requires prior approval from APHIS).
  • Not be imported into Canada in growing media.

If the plants are not of Canadian origin, please clearly state the ‘Place of Origin,’ and be aware that supporting documentation may be required. For more information, contact your local CFIA office.

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