Additional Resources

Do you want to learn more about Gardening and the benefits it provides to you, the community, and the environment? Feel free to visit the following pages by clicking on their name.

BMC Public Health

– A cohort study that tested the effect of defined green qualities (Serene, Space, Wild, Culture, Lush) in the environment on mental health. Also studied interaction effects on mental health of those place factors and varied person factors (financial stress, living conditions, and physical activity).

Frontiers in Psychology

– 21 pathways identified here include environmental factors, physiological and psychological states, and behaviours or conditions, each of which has been empirically tied to nature and has implications for specific physical and mental health outcomes.

A Plant in Every Classroom

– Learn the benefits of indoor plants in classrooms.

BBC Article

– Find out how gardening can prolong life and reduce stress.

Brethour, 2007

– Read a literature Review of Documented Health and Environmental Benefits Derived from Ornamental Horticulture Products.

Etcoff, 2007

– Find out the Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Psychological Well-Being and Distress.

Haviland-Jones, 2005

– Learn how Flowers have immediate and long-term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviours and even memory for both males and females.

Walizek, 2000

– A study was done to investigate the impact of an outdoor environmental program, Math and Science in the Outdoor Classroom, on elementary grade students’ creative and critical thinking, and attitudes toward math and science.

Lohr, 2000

– Learn the benefits of plants indoors and why we respond positively to them.

Ulrich, 1984

– A study completed to determine whether assignment to a hospital room with a window view of a natural setting might have an influence on recovery time.

GardenWise Gardening Guide

– Find coupons and articles to create your own bee garden.

PlantSomething Bee Friendly Poster

– See 19 of the top pollinator plants for your garden.

PlantSomething Bee Friendly Post Card

– Quick double sided reference for some of the top pollinator plants for BC.

Use this interactive map to find which planting zone you live in.

– Use this interactive map to find which planting zone you live in.

Bees Matter

– Find out how bees and other natural pollinators impact the environment and the world we live in.

Casey Trees/Davey Tree Expert Co

– Find out the annual benefits of a tree that is special to you through an interactive module. Benefits are broken down into monetary values for storewater, electricity, air quality, property value, natural gas, and CO2. The results will surprise you!

David Suzuki Foundation

– Learn how climate change can be impacted by the food we choose to eat, and how we can help the environment by choosing to plant vegetables.

The Xerces Society

– The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is an international nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.

Great Plant Picks

– Find even more bee friendly plants that are available in the pacific northwest. Lists include images, qualities, and facts.

The Pollinator Ecology Lab at SFU

– Learn more about BC’s wild bees and the plants that provide them food by region.

Tree Topics

– The Barlett Tree Experts Blog to discuss important information about trees, pruning and other relevant information.


– RoundUp and RoundUp Alternatives to help keep our pollinators safe. Includes how RoundUp can pose a risk to humans and animals, but also what organic alternatives are available on the market today and home recipes that you can try.


– Learn how buying local can be right choice for the environment and your wallet.

National Association of Landscape Professionals:

– Learn the benefits of landscapes in urban and commercial settings and how it impacts us physically and psychologically.

Virginia Tech

– Learn how landscapes can affect the perceived value of your home.

CBC News Business

– The ‘Buy-Local’ Movement is one of the five Canadian consumer trends that are shaping the future of retail.

Sow and Dipity

– Local BC blogger highlights the hottest gardening trends and posts videos on easy DIY home and garden projects.

The Vancouver Sun

– Steve Whysall talks about how Gardeners across BC can help bees in their garden – especially in early spring.

BC Ag in the Classroom

– A non-profit, charitable organization that works with educators to bring local agriculture to BC’s students.

BC Landscape and Nursery Association

– The BCLNA promotes BC as a leader in landscape horticulture.

Communities in Bloom

– A fantastic program that inspires communities to enhance their visual appeal through the use of sustainable methods


– Interested in a career in horticulture? HortEdBC is a great place to get started looking, find all the resources you need!

Landscape BC

– Submit a quote request to a number of Landscapers at once. Find tips on hiring a qualified landscaper and awards of excellence from BC Landscape & Nursery Association.

Plant Something

– Find out where the PlantSomething movement started. Browse the other sites of the American States that are all part of saying ‘Don’t Just Stand There… Plant Something!”

Tree Canada

– Tree Canada is an organization that develops programs in partnership with the private and public sectors, communities and individual Canadians, to maintain a healthy environment through sustaining urban and rural forests.