• The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has updated the 2023 Quick Guide to Drought Resources that provides information and guidance to help producers prepare and manage drought.
  • Provincial drought levels are set by the Ministry of Forests and are updated weekly throughout the dry season on the BC Drought Information Portal.
  • Subscribe for news releases about drought from the Ministry of Forests by selecting “Forests“. Alternately, news releases are available at BC Gov News to advise water users (including agricultural producers) about water conservation, water scarcity, drought, and potential water use restrictions.

Paridon Horticultural Ltd.

Specializing in perennial, grass, small fruit and annual liners. Finished Cactus, succulents, tillandsias and waterplants. Greenroof plant material i


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Phone: (604) 596-3422
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Fraser Valley Equipment Ltd.


Contact: John Dunn
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Phone: (604) 590-1433
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