A-One Shrubs Nursery Ltd. Agassiz

Contact: Harpreet Khella  |  Email Harpreet Khella

Phone: (604) 557-8819 | Visit A-One Shrubs Nursery Ltd. >>

Wholesale grower of liners for boxwood and container grown boxwood, junipers, cedars, azalea, hydrangea, nandina,sarcococca, syringa, and other ornamental shrubs .

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Devon Pride Farm Abbotsford

Contact: Paul Endacott  |  Email Paul Endacott

Phone: (604) 556-1047

shade trees available in the pot or from the field.

Fraser Crest Nursery Chilliwack

Contact: Perry Sherstobetoff  |  Email Perry Sherstobetoff

Phone: (604) 316-1030

Green Flow Nurseries Ltd. Mission

Contact: Gavin Sharma  |  Email Gavin Sharma

Phone: (604) 217-2992

Harmen’s Nursery Ltd Burnaby

Contact: Harmen Sandhar  |  Email Harmen Sandhar

Phone: (778) 881-5732

Neufeld Bros. Nurseries Agassiz

Contact: Dave & Doug Neufeld  |  Email Dave & Doug Neufeld

Phone: (604) 796-3806

Norland Nurseries Chilliwack

Contact: Jason Taylor  |  Email Jason Taylor

Phone: (604) 701-1329

Rainbow Greenhouses Inc. Chilliwack

Contact: Stan Vander Waal  |  Email Stan Vander Waal

Phone: (604) 847-4000 | Visit Rainbow Greenhouses Inc. >>

Sparkes Corn Barn Rosedale

Contact: Ian Sparkes  |  Email Ian Sparkes

Phone: (604) 819-3078 | Visit Sparkes Corn Barn >>

Superior Nursery & Propagators Chilliwack

Contact: Clara Knoke  |  Email Clara Knoke

Phone: (604) 794-3388 | Visit Superior Nursery & Propagators >>

Specializing in container grown Emeralds, Excelsas, Brandons and Boxwoods. Preordering of specific types of propagation required.

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Berlo Farms Ltd. Chilliwack

Contact: Jos Berkhout  |  Email Jos Berkhout

Phone: (604) 793-0392

Birch Grove Nursery Agassiz

Contact: Tiffany Knight  |  Email Tiffany Knight

Phone: (604) 997-0480 | Visit Birch Grove Nursery >>

Wholesale grower and propagator of native plant material from liners to large container sizes available.

Blooming Nursery Inc. Cornelius

Contact: Robin Andrews  |  Email Robin Andrews

Phone: (503) 357-2904 | Visit Blooming Nursery Inc. >>

Blossom View Gardens Ltd. Abbotsford

Contact: Pete Gill  |  Email Pete Gill

Phone: (604) 855-1104 | Visit Blossom View Gardens Ltd. >>

Bowman Greenhouses Ltd. Winfield

Contact: Glen Bowman  |  Email Glen Bowman

Phone: (250) 766-1923 | Visit Bowman Greenhouses Ltd. >>

Bradner’s Growing Concern Abbotsford

Contact: Denise and Len Smit  |  Email Denise and Len Smit

Phone: (604) 856-7737

Growers of high quality container grown plants. Specializing in Erica, Calluna, Rosemary, Lavender, Perennials and Groundcovers.  Custom growing available.

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Briggs Nursery Elma

Contact: Jeffrey Mason  |  Email Jeffrey Mason

Phone: (360) 482-6190 | Visit Briggs Nursery >>

Briggs provides a variety of genera through tissue culture and traditional propagation techniques. Perennials, woody ornamentals, berries, grapes and specialty contract grown crops.

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Bron & Sons Nursery Co. Grand Forks

Contact: Ed Bron  |  Email Ed Bron

Phone: (800) 831-9611 | Visit Bron & Sons Nursery Co. >>

Specializing in containerized cold hardy nursery stock of shrubs, evergreens, pot in pot trees, perennials and native plants.

BTN Nurseries Pacific Inc. Chilliwack

Contact: Dennis Cayton  |  Email Dennis Cayton

Phone: (604) 794-7111 | Visit BTN Nurseries Pacific Inc. >>

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. Surrey

Contact: Herb van der Ende  |  Email Herb van der Ende

Phone: (604) 576-2088 | Visit Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. >>

Bylands Nurseries Ltd. West Kelowna

Contact: Jodi Evans  |  Email Jodi Evans

Phone: (250) 769-4466 | Visit Bylands Nurseries Ltd. >>

Bylands grow a diverse and complete mix of plant material including a full range of trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, perennials, annuals and roses.

Camson Creek Cedars Abbotsford

Contact: Harry and Anita Ruscheinski  |  Email Harry and Anita Ruscheinski

Phone: (604) 857-5614 | Visit Camson Creek Cedars >>

Wholesale growers and propagators supplying quality liners, containers and field stock of Thuja and various hedging shrubs.

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Canadian Valley Growers Ltd. Aldergrove

Contact: Bill or Gail Brar  |  Email Bill or Gail Brar

Phone: (604) 856-6019

Cannor Nurseries (1989) Ltd. Chilliwack

Contact: Sandy or Janet Mathies  |  Email Sandy or Janet Mathies

Phone: (604) 701-2229

Cannor Nurseries Ltd. Chilliwack

Contact: Geoff Anderson  |  Email Geoff Anderson

Phone: (604) 795-5993

Nursery supplier for 65 years, producing top quality fruit and shade trees, ornamental and flowering trees, conifers, caliper trees, Japanese Maples and Magnolias.

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Carlton Plants LLC Dayton

Contact: Lori Spence  |  Email Lori Spence

Phone: (800) 398-8733 | Visit Carlton Plants LLC >>