Why PlantSomething

Why PlantSomething?plant-something-expanded-logo

PlantSomethingBC is a flourishing new initiative that inspires gardeners of all ages and experiences to rise to the challenge and PlantSomethingBC!

This exciting movement was started in Arizona by The Arizona Nursery Association in order to inspire people to make plants a bigger part of their lives. Today, there are at least 16 US States are “on board” with it.

Now PlantSomethingBC has come to British Columbia and we are encouraging more British Columbians to enjoy planting locally grown plants through supporting local growers, nurseries, garden centres and landscapers.  You probably already think about buying local when making purchases for your family’s diet, why not extend those benefits to your yard too?

Our province is as diverse as the amount of plants you can find and grow here, and we celebrate that.  So why not get out there and PlantSomethingBC?

Benefits to buying local:Cedar rim 029_web Large

  • Plants that are grown here are better adapted to our unique climate and are more likely to thrive.
  • Plants that are happy in their environment are much less likely to be affected by pest and disease.
  • Buying local is not the only choice for your groceries. It makes sense for your yard and vegetable patch too.
  • By buying local you are supporting the local economy and supporting local jobs.
  • Many of BC’s growers have generations of plant knowledge and are passionate about providing high quality plants.
  • Buying local can reduce environmental impacts.
  • Buying local supports your community socially and economically.
  • Buying from your local expert can help support wise plant choices for longevity, sustainability and hardiness.


bc-governemntThis project is supported by the BC Government’s Buy Local Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the BC Ministry of Agriculture.