Gardening With Monika Hibbs

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If you’ve been following along with my stories, you know how busy Troy and I are with landscaping and our garden. Evenings spent planting (before the mosquitoes come out!) has been a relaxing way to spend time outside together. It’s really confirmed my belief in the importance of gardening and sharing my love of nature with the kids. Lilly in particular has surprised me with how much of a green thumb she has, and I can’t wait for more segments of ‘Gardening with Lilly!’ Taking care of the garden is now part of our morning routine together and it’s quickly becoming a favourite part of my day.

In our garden beds this spring I planted a mix of both seeds and starter plants, and I found this so helpful for making sure my first year of gardening in our new home was successful. Your local gardening centre will have a good selection of both, and I definitely recommend getting a few starter plants if you’re new to planting.

I’ve had lots of questions about what I’m growing this season, both in my veggie gardens and flower beds. I planted wildflowers, roses, and a number of blooms, and it’s been an absolute mood brightener to bring in fresh flowers from the garden into our home. We have lots of veggies too, everything from lettuce, fresh cucumbers, snap peas, and kale. One of my proud moments was how well my French radishes turned out—they’re incredible in a salad. I’m excited for my tomatoes to be ready, and I’m looking forward to making zucchini bread or something sweet with our zucchinis. We also planted pumpkins in our garden bed for the kids but they grew so quickly we had to relocate them to our field.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, I want to inspire you to spend a little time with your hands in the dirt and plant something. A great place to find resources on both planting tips and buying locally is the website by the BC Landscape and Nursery Association. Plant Something BC is highlighting not only how good gardening is for the environment, but how good it is for each of us and our families. You don’t need a lot of outdoor space to start planting either. Planter boxes are a fun way to enjoy some green space on your balcony, and community gardens are perfect if you need more growing space. I also love incorporating gardening indoors, from hardy houseplants to hanging a basket of strawberries in a sunny spot.

Gardening is a year-round love for me. The cyclical nature of experiencing stunning summer growth, then harvesting, and planting and preparing for the next season brings a beautiful rhythm to our lives. Every afternoon as I spend time in my garden and bring in clippings to eat and enjoy, I can’t help but look forward to the squash and garlic harvest this fall, planting winter greens, and freshening up my patio planters with new colours. For embarking on your own planting adventure, find incredible resources, programs, and tips for gardeners of all levels with Plant Something BC.

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