Growers and especially exporters of boxwood plants to the US are advised that shipments of nursery stock to the US containing boxwood plants may be inspected at the border at the request of USDA-APHIS for the presence of box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis). Box tree moth is currently not a regulated pest, however, if box tree moth is found, your shipment can be refused entry to the US as a pest of significance. Boxwood plants that are found to be free of this pest will be allowed entry to the US, if accompanied by the usual appropriate documentation (Phytosanitary Certificate.)

It is highly recommended that mixed loads of nursery stock entering the US that include boxwood plants, should be loaded so that they can be easily inspected by border officials.

With thanks to JC Bakker Nurseries for providing the attached copy of the USDA’s Significant Pest Bulletin.

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