BCLNA treasurer, Brent Mooney, made inquiries and received the following response from the BC Ministry of Agriculture:

There may be some confusion on which organizations within the flower and nursery sectors are eligible to participate in AgriStability. This note is intended to clarify eligibility.

Operations who exclusively purchase and resell agricultural commodities are not eligible. The purchase and resale of agricultural products is not considered farming expense or income. Operations who purchase, repot and sell plants do not meet the standard to qualify as a farm.

The following rule from AgriStability Guidelines provides additional clarity.

An individual or entity is eligible to participate in AgriStability for a Program Year if, with respect to that Program Year, they have:

Carried on the business of farming in Canada and reported Farming Income (or loss) to the Canada Revenue Agency for income tax purposes no later than 3 months after the deadline for submitting Program Forms for that Program Year as set out in clause 3.4 of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) AgriStability Guidelines.

According to CRA “farming is the raising and harvesting of animals or plants in a controlled environment. The courts have determined that taxpayers are farming if they make an appreciable contribution to the growth and maturity of the animals or crops. The activity of farming would generally involve the whole aspect of commercial production of any crop or plant that has economic value.”

Program eligibility is ultimately determined on a case by case basis. New participants can access and application and see a complete version of program guidelines here