Nicholas Ogilvie

University of Victoria, Software Engineering

Employee – Ikonic Enterprises Inc.


For as long as I can remember my dad, Ralph Ogilvie, has been working in the landscaping business. I remember seeing him over a drafting table, drawing up quotes for customers in residential and commercial settings. One time, I got to draft a full landscaping plan with my dad for my dream tree fort. I learned what all the different shapes on drawings meant and colour coordinated everything to make it as professional and clean as an eight-year-old could. I felt so proud of myself for drafting this piece of art and smiled when I saw it pinned on the wall throughout my childhood.

Throughout my university experience so far, I have been subjected to all fields of engineering and have learned a lot from my understandings. While at the University of Victoria, I have learned a lot about civil/mechanical engineering and how a structure or machine needs to be supported by other parts and material. I have taken this information with me while building retaining walls and driving excavators/loaders. I understand how proper preparation is needed for a job to be completed efficiently and effectively because of what my father has told me and what I have learned from post-secondary. With my degree and background knowledge of landscaping, I have thought about ways to improve the quoting process for smaller landscaping business such as Ikonic Enterprises.

I hope to specialize in Software Engineering with a Business Minor at the University of Victoria. Victoria is a very environmentally friendly place to live. Green practices are everywhere and we are fortunate enough to have many options to learn more about the environment.