Colin Jansen

Simon Fraser University, Statistics

Employee – West Creek Farms Ltd.


I am currently a student at Simon Fraser University and studying Statistics.

I have been influenced by the horticulture industry my entire life, as my grandparents started the company Darvonda, and I have lived on the greenhouse property since I was born. When I was six years old, I would work on the planting lines sticking pots onto the conveyor belt with my older sister for two dollars an hour. Even at a young age, my parents were getting me to go to work, and because of this, I have developed a great work ethic. As I grew up, more and more responsibilities came my way, and by the time I was 17, I was the leader of the main labour group and was involved in shipping.

When I started going to university, my time at Darvonda ended, and I began a new part time job at West Creek Farms as a lab technician. There I perform many quality control tests on all the loads of soil that we ship out to various growers in the Fraser Valley. I also do many different trials in the hopes of improving our soil mixes that our customers might get the best possible yield out of their crops.

It was during my time at West Creek Farms that I learned about the BCLNA. I proceeded to volunteer at the annual golf tournament at Redwoods Golf Course where I spent my day running the activities at a hole. There I had the opportunity to meet many different established people from the horticulture industry and hear some of their own personal accounts and experiences from the industry.

A big reason as to why I chose statistics to major in is that I have the freedom to do research and study any subject matter I wish. I hope that studying at University will give me the tools that I need to understand complex topics, and the ability to express these ideas to others in such a way that they might be able to improve themselves and their businesses. I would like to see people use the information that I have gathered to improve the lives of others and promote positive change.

While these goals will be quite difficult to obtain, I believe that with a proper education, these things are possible.