BCLNA’s Annual Grower of the Year Award recognizes a nursery production professional or company who has demonstrated best or innovative practices, exemplifying standards of excellence for nursery production.

This award is generously sponsored by:    Hub International Insurance Brokers    

This BCLNA Award acknowledges a nursery grower or production nursery who has made significant contributions to the BCLNA and the horticulture industry.

ENTRY DEADLINE: 4 PM on July 6, 2018

AWARD PRESENTATION – The winner will be announced at CanWest Hort Expo’s Tailgate Party on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.


  • Nominations can be self-nominated or by a 3rd party
  • Nominees may be an individual or a BCLNA member company
  • Individuals must be an employee or operator of a BCLNA member company


  • A completed entry form or the information required sent via e-mail.
  • A description highlighting the techniques and methods that the nominee has put into practice, with a maximum of 500 words. This should include an account of the work, skills, techniques or research that demonstrate why the nominee should be Grower of the Year.
  • Up to 10 photos illustrating or supporting the work performed.


  • Innovative Environmental Stewardship Standards – Has developed or implemented new or innovative production methods to increase environmental stewardship standard (cultivation, energy use, mechanization, production excellence, grafting, propagation, etc.).
  • Excellence in Production Methods – Has implemented or developed production methods to improve efficiency and/ or increase production of quality nursery stock.
  • Excellence in nursery production standards – Has consistently produced a high quality of nursery stock.
  • Involved in the industry – Actively engaged in the ornamental nursery industry and its activities to benefit the industry.  (All activities/events, not just BCLNA events)


Please ensure the following are included in your entry:

  1.   A completed entry form or the information on page 1 typed on a separate sheet or in an e-mail accompanying the description and photos as per below
  2.   A description up to 500 words highlighting the work and the reason for nomination
  3.   Up to 10 photos (digital or printed) which represent your work

NOTE:   Include the nominee’s name and the company name on all documents & photos.  This will ensure all submissions are properly attributed to the respective nominee.

Grower of the Year Award-2018 Entry Form