BCAC Member Update:

Funding for new post-harvest soil testing requirements (a requirement of the new AEM Code*) is available through the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program.

The EFP program is introducing a soil nutrient assessment at no cost to B.C. producers who have a current EFP.

The assessment will be conducted by a planning advisor (subject to timing and availability) who can take up to four basic soil tests (includes N, P, K, pH and EC levels).

For more information, contact your planning advisor or call ARDCorp at 1-866-522-3447 (toll free).

EFP program information can also be found online .

*Post-harvest nitrate and phosphorus soil tests need to be taken beginning in the fall of 2019 if you do not have post-harvest soil tests from within the last three years. This is required by the new Agricultural Environmental Management Code of Practice (AEM Code) that came into effect in February 2019. For more info, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/Agricultural-Environmental-Management