Coming Fall 2019:

Plant exporters will be able to request phytosanitary certificates through My CFIA.

Exporters will save time by applying for a phytosanitary certificate online, through My CFIA. Rather than having to drive, fax, or email an application to a local CFIA office, industry members will be able to submit and pay for their certificate through the My CFIA portal. In addition, My CFIA users can also access the system 24/7 to track, manage, copy, and reuse their application for future requests. Using My CFIA may also lead to applications being processed faster than applications submitted through email, mail or fax. For more information about the benefits, view our notice to industry.

Steps to take now

In order to take advantage of online phytosanitary certificates, plant exporters must have a My CFIA account.

Don’t have a My CFIA account?  Learn how to sign up .