NEW Host plants will be sampled individually or in small groups (of up to 5 adjacent plants) rather than collecting composite samples representative of a production block for high risk hosts.

NEW A Notice of Quarantine will be issued to hold sampled plants, and all plants within a 2 metre radius, until laboratory analysis is complete.

The quantity of samples to be collected is the same (up to 40 samples from nurseries with less than 200,000 host plants) as in recent years.  The number of national survey sites planned is the same as in recent years.

NEW In the event that P. ramorum is detected, is that destruction areas will be more targeted.  Host plants within 2 metres of the infected plant(s) will be ordered destroyed, rather than the entire production block (until there is a 2 metre break in hosts).

As in the past, if P. ramorum is detected, a site-wide quarantine will be issued to hold all host plants within the nursery until a delimitation survey can be conducted, all laboratory analyses completed, and the extent of the infestation determined.  And as in the past, host plants surrounding destruction areas will be placed under a 90-day quarantine to determine if P. ramorum has spread beyond the destruction area.