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Briggs Nursery Elma

Contact: Jennifer Gomez  |  Email Jennifer Gomez

Phone: (360) 482-6190 | Visit Briggs Nursery >>

Briggs provides a variety of genera through tissue culture and traditional propagation techniques. Perennials, woody ornamentals, berries, grapes and specialty contract-grown crops.

Bron & Sons Nursery Co. Grand Forks

Contact: Ed Bron  |  Email Ed Bron

Phone: (800) 831-9611 | Visit Bron & Sons Nursery Co. >>

Specializing in containerized, cold-hardy nursery stock.
Shrubs, roses, pot-in-pot trees, fruit trees, perennials, grasses, aquatics & native plants.

BTN Nurseries Pacific Inc. Chilliwack

Contact: Dennis Cayton  |  Email Dennis Cayton

Phone: (604) 794-7111 | Visit BTN Nurseries Pacific Inc. >>

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. Surrey

Contact: Herb van der Ende  |  Email Herb van der Ende

Phone: (604) 576-2088 | Visit Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd. >>

Burnco Rock Products Langley

Contact: Ray Willey  |  Email Ray Willey

Phone: (604) 787-2480 | Visit Burnco Rock Products >>

Burns Bros. Nursery Langley

Contact: Mike Burns  |  Email Mike Burns

Phone: (604) 530-1595

Butchart Gardens Ltd. Brentwood Bay

Contact: Carlos Moniz  |  Email Carlos Moniz

Phone: (250) 652-4422 | Visit Butchart Gardens Ltd. >>

BW GLOBAL Structures Inc. Abbotsford

Contact: Rajan Kumar  |  Email Rajan Kumar

Phone: (604) 856-1303 | Visit BW GLOBAL Structures Inc. >>

Manufacturer of quality greenhouses & shelters. Cold-frames, hobby, freestanding, gutter-connected greenhouses and shelters. Parts & service. Quotes & consultations.

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Bylands Nurseries Ltd. West Kelowna

Contact: Jodi Evans  |  Email Jodi Evans

Phone: (250) 769-4466 | Visit Bylands Nurseries Ltd. >>

C Y Grower Supplies Ltd. Abbotsford

Contact: Yvonne Smit  |  Email Yvonne Smit

Phone: (604) 856-5186 | Visit C Y Grower Supplies Ltd. >>

Distributor of hardgoods for Greenhouse and Nursery industry including Ginegar greenhouse film, containers by ITML, Dillen, ProCal, T.O. Plastics, East Jordan, Desch, EPLA, Bato, Van Krimpen, Haviland, Anderson, Western Pulp, Jiffy, Sato labels, Dosatron, Dramm equipment and more.

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C.K.A. Ventures Ltd. dba Quest Cranes Abbotsford

Contact: Colin Alberts  |  Email Colin Alberts

Phone: (604) 845-3714

Calumma Creative Landscapes North Vancouver

Contact: Taylor Fifield  |  Email Taylor Fifield

Phone: (604) 834-3272 | Visit Calumma Creative Landscapes >>

Campbell River Garden Centre Campbell River

Contact: Nigel & Shauna Lambeth

Phone: (250) 287-7645 | Visit Campbell River Garden Centre >>

Camson Creek Cedars Abbotsford

Contact: Harry Ruscheinski / Anita Ruscheinski  |  Email Harry Ruscheinski / Anita Ruscheinski

Phone: (604) 857-5614 | Visit Camson Creek Cedars >>

Wholesale growers and propagators supplying quality liners, containers and field stock of Thuja and various hedging plants.

Can-Am Nurseries Ltd. Abbotsford

Contact: Naeem Iqbal  |  Email Naeem Iqbal

Phone: (604) 854-6986 | Visit Can-Am Nurseries Ltd. >>

Can-Neth Imports Ltd. Abbotsford

Contact: Kevin Brown  |  Email Kevin Brown

Phone: (604) 504-7296 | Visit Can-Neth Imports Ltd. >>

Candy Cane Nursery Abbotsford

Contact: Mary Whyte  |  Email Mary Whyte

Phone: (604) 853-3983 | Visit Candy Cane Nursery >>

Cannor Nurseries Ltd. Chilliwack

Contact: Geoff Anderson  |  Email Geoff Anderson

Phone: (604) 795-5993 | Visit Cannor Nurseries Ltd. >>

Nursery supplier for 65 years, producing top quality fruit and shade trees, ornamental and flowering trees, conifers, caliper trees, Japanese Maples and Magnolias

Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd. Langley

Contact: Evan Dickhof  |  Email Evan Dickhof

Phone: (604) 532-1715 | Visit Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd. >>

General civil and commercial landscape contractor

Cedar Rim Nursery Ltd. Langley


Phone: (604) 888-4491 | Visit Cedar Rim Nursery Ltd. >>

One of the broadest selections of caliper trees, grafted evergreens, shrubs & perennials, including the full Proven Winner shrub and perennial lines.

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Cedrus Landscaping Inc. - CLHT Surrey

Contact: Scott Lalley  |  Email Scott Lalley

Phone: (604) 951-3500 | Visit Cedrus Landscaping Inc. >>

Central Valley Landscaping Abbotsford

Contact: Travis Gibb  |  Email Travis Gibb

Phone: 604-615-9163

CGB Contracting Ltd. Agassiz

Contact: Chris Bray  |  Email Chris Bray

Phone: (604) 316-1519

Chans Nursery Ltd. Richmond

Contact: Colin  |  Email Colin

Phone: (604) 767-5767

Cinnabar Valley Farms Ltd. Nanaimo

Contact: Renato Anacleto  |  Email Renato Anacleto

Phone: 250-758-7888 | Visit Cinnabar Valley Farms Ltd. >>

Cinnabar Valley Farms takes great pride in producing soils of superior quality that are made with all-natural and organic premium ingredients. Our commitment to quality starts with the careful selection of ingredients that are known for their optimal plant growth and health benefits. We are a family-run business that loves what we do, and we are passionate about continuing our tradition of excellence in farming for generations to come.

Our soils are produced at the same British Columbia location where we've been for over 50 years. We use sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices to protect the soil and preserve its natural nutrients. Our commitment to quality means that our soils are richer, which translates to healthier plants and higher yields. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting, our premium soils will help you grow the healthiest plants possible. Trust us to deliver consistent, reliable results for all your gardening needs, and experience the difference that our passion for gardening and commitment to excellence can make.

At Cinnabar Valley Farms, we are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our customers. A few years ago, we noticed that many gardeners were asking us for more high-quality gardening products, so we decided to create the myGarden essential line.

This line includes a range of products designed to meet the needs of gardeners of all levels. From myGarden Fertilizer to myGarden Landscaping Fabric, myGarden Plant Support, myGarden Netting, myGarden Fencing, and myGarden Watering, we offer a complete range of gardening essentials that are made with the same care and attention to quality as our premium soils.

City of Abbotsford Abbotsford

Contact: Thora Will  |  Email Thora Will

Phone: (604) 626-3336 | Visit City of Abbotsford >>

City of Burnaby Burnaby

Contact: Mark Riekman  |  Email Mark Riekman

Phone: (604) 297-4505