Talk of the proposed motion to ban gas-powered landscape equipment in the City of Vancouver spurred a lot of questions and activity within the landscape industry. Follow-up with the City of Vancouver has provided insight into the status of this initiative: The City of Vancouver will be working with Metro Vancouver on a regional approach to electrifying landscape equipment. There is no date for an official transition; information and public consultation is being collected by Metro Vancouver in an initial stakeholder engagement survey.

Marina Richter, Senior Policy Analyst, Air Quality and Climate Change stated, “We are very interested to learn how regional operators and their professional associations view this initiative, as well as in establishing connections with the regional and provincial partner agencies.”

Metro Vancouver Electrification off Small Non-Road Engines

This survey is open until July 31st, 2023. Metro Vancouver will be assessing preliminary data as early as March. BCLNA encourages the landscape industry and stakeholders to participate in the survey and share it with your industry peers.

There is a BCLNA task-force dedicated to this issue, and Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver have acknowledged BCLNA as a key stakeholder in the consultation process.