Craine Projects Ltd. Vancouver

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Craine Projects proudly offers exceptional landscaping design, installation, and garden maintenance to homes across Metro Vancouver. We provide detailed-focused craftsmanship, innovative solutions, and the best available locally sourced materials to create your dream outdoor space.

Cutting Edge Tree Service Ltd. Mission

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Eco Balance Contracting Ltd. Duncan

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Busybee Gardening Surrey

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The Golden Shovel Landscape Ltd. Maple Ridge

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Green Flow Nurseries Ltd. Mission

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Greenfield Landscaping Ltd. North Vancouver

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Fully licensed, reliable and professional Consultants and Contractors, we are here to help you with your next project. Working with our Excavation Div. and our new Landscape Disposal and Supply Yard, we are uniquely able to provide superior products & services through one source!

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Innate Projects Inc. North Vancouver


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Ishai Horticultural Knowledge Inc. Cobble Hill

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Phone: (250) 732-5810

Cedar Crest Lands (BC) Ltd. Langley

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Mgmt Group Enterprises Ltd. Surrey

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From civil contracting to landscaping and management the Management Group delivers a comprehensive suite of services backed by our equipment rental division, bin rentals and materials for the construction and landscape industries in Western Canada.

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Cedrus Landscaping Inc. - CLHT Surrey

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Nokomis Landscaping Ltd. Vernon

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OG Gardens Inc. Squamish

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Pika Landscapes Inc. Whistler

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Ridpest Services Ltd. Langley

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Complete Landscaping

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Contour Landscaping Ltd. - CLHT Burnaby

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Symbiotic Landscaping Services Vancouver

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Phone: (604) 700-1319

Cottonwood Landscaping Maintenance Chilliwack


Phone: (604) 845-1945

Countryside Landscaping Surrey

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