Special Notice for BC Nursery Growers

With the onset of Covid-19 and it’s initial dramatic impact on the Horticultural sector, the BCLNA started an initiative that was picked up by the Ministry of Agriculture to assist growers (and other ag producers) through a troubled time.

If you are facing a cash flow crunch that puts you on a collision course with your banker, mortgage holder or financial backer, affecting your 2021 spring,  we strongly urge you to make contact and take advantage of this program.  Funding for assistance is available but regardless, BCLNA strongly suggests you engage in this confidential program as soon as possible!

Your inquiries about the program and participation in the program are strictly confidential.  Your point of contact is Hedy Dyck, BCLNA’s COO, who passes you onto the Consultants on contract with the BC Ministry of Agriculture.  The consultants will hold all your information and work with you in strict confidence.

Facing a financial work out is stressful and unpleasant and is worse the longer you wait.   The sooner you reach out, the more possibilities will remain available to you in a work-out plan.

There are four senior consultants on retainer, all with banking and insolvency experience, waiting for your call so they can help.

Email Hedy to get connected.