From Jamie Aalbers, CNLA’s Growers Manager

Box Tree Moth Update

“Although an official order from the USDA-APHIS to regulate boxwood imports has not yet been announced, it is expected soon.  And since it has not yet been announced, it is difficult to communicate exactly what the order will require.  I will try here to outline where things stand as of February 13.

Discussions between CFIA and USDA have been shifting, and our most recent interactions indicate that it is possible that the US may regulate all of Canada for box tree moth, not just Ontario.  This came as a surprise since the scouting conducted in Ontario last year clearly showed that box tree moth has not spread outside of the Toronto region to other parts of Ontario.  However, it is possible that the new order will only require an additional declaration to phytos indicating the plants have been inspected by the CFIA and found free from box tree moth.  If this is the case, the additional inspection may seem unnecessary for BC growers, but it will be a relatively easy process for CFIA to add to the existing phyto process.

For the time being, exporters of Buxus do not have to implement any changes for shipments to the US.  If this changes, I will alert all provincial associations with the details as soon as I hear of them.”

If you are an exporter and have any questions or concerns, please call Jamie at 647-724-8630 or toll free at 1.888.446.3499 ext 8630, or email to [email protected]