Your Nursery May be Eligible to Participate!

BCLNA member growers met in December to learn more about the opportunity for ‘outdoor’ nursery growers to participate in this new CFIA export program.

It turns out nurseries can participate – if the plants have been started in an enclosed space, and are hardened off, or finished outside.  This program provides benefits when selling to CGCP shippers who export to the US or shipping directly to the US.

Canadian Greenhouse Certification Program

Shannon Derkson from CFIA has responded to one of the resulting queries as follows:

“One of the growers asked about the turnaround time for CFIA and APHIS to review an exemption proposal for outdoor production of plants under the Greenhouse Certification Program. I’ve inquired further and have this answer back to them:

It is not possible to say how long it would take to evaluate an exemption proposal for outdoor growth as this is a brand new program and there have been no exemption proposals evaluated yet. However, CFIA and APHIS will be meeting regularly and often to enable a smooth transition to the Greenhouse Certification Program (GCP). We encourage all applicants and participants to submit program documentation, including exemption proposals, as early as possible to allow ample time for evaluation. For more information about the GCP please visit our website