Changes to Import Requirements from the EU

Citrus and Asian Long Horned Beetle

CFIA has advised of changes coming to the import requirements from the European Union for citrus longhorned beetle (CLHB)and Asian longhorned beetle (ALHB), as follows:

  • CFIA has been working with USDA APHIS for over 5 years to modify import requirements for anoplophora (CLHB and ALHB) hosts
  • Canada and the US have taken a joint approach to this pest and originally regulated the EU as a single entity
  • with these changes CFIA and APHIS will recognize the pest status of individual member states in the EU
  • the change of status for the Netherlands and the UK will likely have the largest impact on the Canadian industry


The Canadian proposed changes to requirements will not be in effect until the US publishes their final order as implementation dates will need to be aligned. For now, current requirements remain in place.


The Canadian posting is here.

The US posting is here.


For more information, please contact CFIA directly at [email protected] or contact Jamie Aalbers at CNLA  or 1.888.446.3499 ext 8630.