Exciting options to work in the wine industry. If you enjoy seasonal work, spending time outdoors and working a flexible schedule this might just be for you! There are a lot of opportunities to work in the vineyard and support the crops during the various seasons; groundwork, harvest, and machine operation are just a few. Many of the positions start out as temporary, seasonal with potential for career growth and development.

During the winter months, January through March, is when pruning and tying take place as vines are dormant.  Sap begins to flow as temperatures warm up in March/April leading to bud break in end of April early May.   Flowering begins in June and the influx of work begins.  Canopy management in July is the busiest time of the year where all the thinning and tucking, etc. takes place.  A calm period follows in August while veraison takes effect followed by green harvesting to ensure all the grapes ripen.  Everyone gears up for harvest at the end of August and then the rush to get all fruit harvested by mid November.