Mar 2nd, 2021

Fields of Science- Agriculture and Agri-food Canada



Meet our scientists, discover their work and see how their research impacts you.

Our scientists work to ensure food products are safe, high quality, and produced in sustainable ways. Here are four agricultural scientists you may find at our research centres and how they work for you.

Dr. Julie Brassard – Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Food and Environmental Virologist:
From farm to table, Dr. Brassard studies how viruses travel between humans, animals and the environment and develops strategies to stop their spread.

Dr. José Ramón Úrbez-Torres – Summerland, British Columbia
Plant Pathologist:
Healthy plants produce more food. Dr. Úrbez-Torres studies the causes of plant diseases and how to fight them so we can have high-quality, safe to eat crops.

Dr. Heather McNairn – Ottawa, Ontario
Remote Sensing Specialist:
Understanding plant environments will help to grow better crops. Dr. McNairn uses satellite images to monitor crops and their soil conditions.

Dr. Sylvie Cloutier – Ottawa, Ontario
Molecular Geneticist:
Good food starts at the microscopic level. Dr. Cloutier creates smarter crops by identifying which genes help plants adapt to climate change.

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