As part of Metro Vancouver’s Urban Forest Climate Adaptation Initiative, the Urban Tree Species Selection database is a list of trees selected for suitability and future climate projections for urban forests within Metro Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver and BCLNA are requesting your input on the trees listed for their suitability as urban trees for public spaces (suitability to climate, soils, pests and diseases, and plant attributes such as invasive roots, canopy size, etc.). Comments from a group of subject material experts are included in the working document. Your own comments can be added into highlighted column “BK”, and the amended spreadsheet can be sent to Edward Nichol of Metro Vancouver ([email protected]). We welcome your comments until Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

The final set of collated comments will be used to update the Tree Species Selection database on the Metro Vancouver website and inform an online tool.

Click here to download the Excel database.

Metro Vancouver and BCLNA thank you for your participation in this initiative.