April 20, 2020

Week 6 Landscaper COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Leslie Sison, Industry HR Coordinator / Government Relations

CNLA COVID-19 Updates

Please note that this information is changing almost daily and check the provided links for the most up to date information.

This week’s updates include the following topics:

  • Changes have been made to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) eligibility with regard to seasonal workers
  • Changes to the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) to make this available to Canadian Employers with payrolls from $2k – $1.5 Million
  • NEW!  Canada Commercial Rental Assistance Program

Read the full update.

Updated April 17, 2020

BC Business COVID-19 Support Service

Prepared by Small Business BC this is a summary of the financial resources made available by governments and other organizations, with links and contact information.  Topics include:

  • Need Credit Financing
  • Need Help Paying Your Employees
  • Need Help with Taxes
  • Looking for Ways to Pivot Your Business
  • Other Support & Resources

Read the details here.

Shared by Heike Stippler, Heike Designs

Tips for Landscapers Working During COVID-19

Let people know what you’re doing to keep everyone safe!

Having signs up on your worksites to let people know your crew is onsite and working safely helps spread the message landscapers are doing their part to stop the spread.

Use a sandwich board sign-holder indicating your crew is on site: When working on large commercial sites, these are best placed by the entrance of the strata or parking lot and again where they can be seen when entering/exiting buildings.

n smaller sites, these signs work great placed by crew trucks or at the end of driveways.

Click here for a sign template. Just add your logo, make your edits, and have coroplast signs printed at your local sign shop.

Decals: Use this decal template (11X17) from AgSafe BC on your crew trucks and trailers to remind everyone to keep their distance.

More tips forwarded by CNLA

Hand Wash Stations

“At first we couldn’t find hand sanitizer.   So we created the hand washing station as seen below on each truck. We also secured many drums of tool/PPE sanitizer from our safety supplier. We now have rules on hand washing and also the sanitizing of tools and equipment between operators. We received a shipment of 2500 litres of hand sanitizer yesterday which we will incorporate into our program now.

I have seen fancier hand washing stations, but this is effective, economical and has been very popular with our staff. ”

This idea was forwarded by CNLA, but unfortunately didn’t include the name of the company.  Thank you, whoever you are, for your ingenious solution.

Resources from Affilates

From Quartix Vehicle Tracking

Keeping Your Drivers Safe in the COVID-19 Pandemic


I Know I Should….But….

Did you miss last week’s webinar?  Here’s a link to the recorded event.

Small Business BC

Small Business BC has a series of free COVID-19 webinars for business owners