These positions will work in a variety of Parks Operations areas including Sport Services, Urban Forestry, Infrastructure, and Landscape. Examples of duties include:

  • Horticulture/Turf Care Labourer – cutting and maintaining lawns and grounds; planting and maintaining perennials and annuals. Other duties could include assisting in the maintenance of various landscaped, horticultural and turf areas in parks and along road boulevards and medians.
  • Sport Services Labourer – care and maintenance of sport fields including seeding, irrigating, fertilizing, repairing and cutting turf grass areas. Other duties may include the delivery and cleanup of event supplies and litter in parks and trails.
  • Urban Forestry – invasive plant removal, planting and maintaining habitat restoration sites, public education and outreach, and trail construction and maintenance.
  • Infrastructure – park litter control, pressure washing and assisting with the construction, maintenance and replacement of parks infrastructure assets such as playgrounds, fencing, benches and irrigation systems.